Uncovering Potential Toxic Conditions

by ritasimpson on January 3, 2013

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Uncovering potential toxic conditions that may affect a home you’re buying.
The Solution: Search Envirofacts (http://www.epa.gov/enviro/), a free database from the Environmental Protection Agency, searchable by ZIP Code, that contains information about environmental conditions, such as chemicals, radiation, and hazardous waste, that could affect a community. Also visit Scorecard, (www.scorecard.org), a free service that integrates environmental information from hundreds of databases and compares the safety of communities with others in the U.S. Ask if your home inspector can order a Neighborhood Environmental Report from Environmental Data Resources Inc. in Milford, Conn., ($100 to $150, www.edrnet.com) which includes environmental details from federal, state and local public records.
The Caveat: Many environmental databases are at least one year behind and not all incidents are reported to authorities. Search local newspapers and ask residents about current events.

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