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Malibu Market Update 2013-2012

by ritasimpson January 7, 2014 Malibu Market Update

Malibu Real Estate has had a mixed story last year. While sales and prices of Single Family Homes showed a healthy appreciation last year, the Big Story  was the pace in sales volume of Condos, which outpaced SFH sales volume by 70%  and increased  Condos prices by 40% on average.

For homes on the land side …

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September Malibu Home Sales Up 170% Over Last Year!

by ritasimpson October 4, 2012 How's The Market

This year Malibu Home Sales have been up consistently month after month. The month of September was especially good with an overall jump of 170% more units sold this September compared to last year. But the success is not only in the number of unit solds, the improvement translates in all measures including the average …

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