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What Homeowners Can Do To Help Sell Their Home

by ritasimpson November 6, 2013 Selling My Home

An inviting open house can put your home on buyers’ short lists.


Four weeks before the open house

Ask your parents to babysit the kids the weekend of the open house. Then book a reservation for your pet with the dog sitter or at the kennel. Having everyone out of the house on the day of will …

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Pricing Your Home To Sell

by ritasimpson September 27, 2012 Selling My Home

A first-quarter survey of home buyers and sellers done by, a real estate services website, revealed that 76 percent of homeowners believe their home is worth more than the list price recommended by their real estate agent.

Home buyers usually have a better grasp of current market value in the area where they’re looking to …

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Three Consideration Before Listing Low To Get Offers

by ritasimpson August 6, 2012 Selling My Home

Q: What happens when you start out listing your home at a low price to entice buyers and the first offer is full price but no other offers come in? Are you stuck selling at the lower price (at which you never actually intended to sell)?

A: With multiple offers on the comeback, many savvy sellers …

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What Sellers Must know About Contingency Free Offers

by ritasimpson August 6, 2012 Selling My Home

Contingency-free offers are popping up in hot market niches where buyers will take the risk in order to compete in a market with tight inventory and plenty of demand. What should a seller consider before accepting an offer with no loan contingency, no appraisal contingency, and no inspection contingency?

An all-cash offer with no financing contingency …

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Easy Tips To Improve Curb Appeal

by ritasimpson June 5, 2012 Selling My Home

No matter the asking price, simple curb appeal changes can set the scene to immediately attract buyers to a property. Data shows that a majority of home buyers look at properties online or drive by before contacting an agent. As a result, the exterior of the property is always a major selling point.

The decision to …

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Selling your Malibu Home? Tips here

by ritasimpson May 8, 2012 Selling My Home

Selling a home even in beautiful Malibu can be a daunting undertaking these days, and while you may be helpless to control the state of the market or the number of prospective buyers in your price range, here are a few ways to be proactive against some of sellers’ most common pitfalls:

Problem: Competition. Are there …

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Will The Appraiser Count Un-Permitted SqFt on Your Malibu Home?

by ritasimpson April 21, 2012 Selling My Home

Whether an appraiser counts or does not include the un-Permitted SqFt in your Malibu Home depends.  Did you know that it varies by lender?  Don’t wait and guess.


Get  detailed information and insider answers before you list your Malibu home.

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The Foreclosure Process In California

by ritasimpson March 23, 2012 Buying My Home

Be prepared and understand the process if you are interested in the Foreclosure market In California.

California Foreclosure is Non-Judicial.
California Foreclosure Timeline

Day 1-Day 90
Day 91-Day 110
Day 111 or more

Redemption Period
Publication Period
Trustee’s Sale

Lasts 90 days from the recordation of the Notice of Default
Lasts 20 days from the end of Redemption
Held 21 days after first publication

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