Potter’s Garden In Malibu

by ritasimpson on July 14, 2012

in Gardens

A clean, well-lighted place describes what one needs in a potting room.  The experience is different than working under the sun, digging the hard clayish soil of Malibu. Although the moments of solitude and complete immersion is similar,the quietude of trimming topiary, repotting  and of  making flower arrangements is distinct.

Find a corner in your Malibu home to make one. Whether a lean-to on the side of the house, a garage, a repurposed laundry room or mudroom, an old shed or a new one, a potting room is the same for all gardeners—a place of our own, to do what we love, where making a mess is just fine. It’s a spot to arrange flowers, to cut herbs for drying and to plot and plan your garden. A potting room is also an opportunity for letting your creativity run free—a space to lay out, decorate and style every last rake and trowel. It is your central point for all gardening activities, a management hub, your cockpit.


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