Marine Protected Areas In Malibu Next to Point Dume and West To Encinal

by ritasimpson on July 22, 2012

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Avoid confusion as to boundaries of MPA in Malibu.  Althought quite difficult to determine from the shore per recent article in the Malibu Surfside News, here are some maps to help visualize.






Pt Dume Area (overview map above) - Malibu’s iconic Pt Dume, a mainstay spot for small boaters since time immemorial, is set for complete closure to hook and line fishing. The point itself is surrounded by the Pt Dume SMR. The Pt Dume SMCA to the west allows only limited spearfishing. Sorry Zuma surf-casters, the powers that be made no adjustments for you as they did down south. Close-up boundary maps and regulations are below.






Pt Dume SMR eastern boundary at Paradise Cove (above)

Pt Dume SMR, Malibu - No fishing. The eastern boundary runs north-south from Paradise Cove. The western boundary is at Westward Beach Rd / Zuma Beach entrance. The first map shows the eastern boundary; the second, the western, where the SMR meets the adjacent SMCA.






Pt Dume SMR / Pt Dume SMCA Boundary at Zuma Beach (above)





Pt Dume SMCA eastern boundary at Encinal Rd (above)

Pt Dume SMCA - No fishing except spearfishing for pelagic finfish, bonito and white seabass . The eastern boundary is at Westward Beach Rd / Zuma Beach entrance. The western boundary just east of Encinal Canyon Rd. La Piedra State Beach is open; El Matador is in the closed area.



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