Malibu Project: Invite James Turrell To Capture Our Beautiful Skies!

by ritasimpson on January 31, 2014

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Everyday I marvel at the gorgeous sky: sunrise and sunsets we experience in Malibu.

Whether someone captured it in a picture from their deck, their garden, during a hike  or otherwise, the big sky that envelops us shows up with largesse in the skies above Malibu.

Perhaps it’s because there is less clutter here? less distractions? more natural beauty to be tuned to? I don’t know the answer. The only thing I know is that our canvas is painted anew everyday. Its magnificent and we all marvel! But after seeing  James Turrell exhibit at LACMA  I’ve been dreaming of bringing it home to Malibu. Not the exhibit, the effect!

It was one amazing experience. If you haven’t gone yet ,Please do not miss it.

How does it relate to the skies in Malibu? take a look at this:

Can you imagine what an installation like this might produce in terms of imagery with the Malibu skies?


Can we someday have an installation by James Turrell, somewhere in Malibu , to capture the beauty of the light and frame it in his unique way so we can see something more, something new something transcendental? I don’t know , but I sure hope so!


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