Malibu Focus on Trancas Field Issue

by ritasimpson on March 23, 2012

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The City of Malibu has been involved for over 20 years in legal disputes with a property owner of a 30 acre parcel on Trancas, across from Tapia up to La Gloria. The property owner is claiming the right to complete a subdivision, which was begun but never completed prior to Malibu cityhood. If the city loses that lawsuit, the owner would be able to put at most 19 homes on that property instead of six. Many of us in Western Malibu are aware and concerned about the fact that a prior city council offered a settlement, which included the right to build 32 condominiums, a right which the property owner would not have even if they won the lawsuit, according to the California Subdivision Map Act. This right to build condominiums would have been granted if not for a successful lawsuit against the City of Malibu by Broad Beach [homeowners] more

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