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LA’S Most Anticipated New Openings

by ritasimpson April 27, 2014 Latest News

Once you hear the latest cartel of restaurants coming to Los Angeles, you may have to reconsider your next saturday night reservation. The popular foodie blog Eater LA recently dished out the “15 Most Anticipated Spring and Summer Openings” . I can’t wait to try them all.

Looking at the line-up  Downtown LA seems to be luring the most restaurateurs …

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Should You Go Solar?

by ritasimpson October 29, 2013 Latest News


Rising energy costs combined with an increasing concern for the health of our planet, has got a lot of people wondering if they should install solar panels on their home. Here’s a quick look at the pros and cons of going solar.

Pro: Solar panels will save you money in the long run.

Con: The initial installation …

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The High Tech Powered House

by ritasimpson October 29, 2013 Latest News

 With computers and tech infiltrating everything from refrigerators to thermostats, today’s fully wired homes are getting smarter than ever.

Here’s a look at some of the gadgets and tech powering today’s wired home, inside and out.

The Wired Yard.

Home irrigation systems controlled remotely via mobile apps can check the weather and/or soil moisture levels, automatically adjusting watering …

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Projects That Pay Off at Tax Time

by ritasimpson October 6, 2013 Latest News

The only thing certain in life is death and taxes: This all too familiar refrain might be unavoidable, but tax time doesn’t have to be as painful as you think if you are planning on some home improvement projects. 
Improvements can cut your tax bill when you sell your property, but before you get started, it’s …

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Make Your Malibu Home Glow

by ritasimpson December 2, 2012 Latest News

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Outdoor Lighting to Make Your Home and Landscape Glow

Houzz- Kitchen Remodel, Bathroom Remodel and More »

Browse Accessories And Decor on Houzz- For Example:
Decals · Home Fragrance · Magazine …

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Celebrities In Malibu

by ritasimpson November 29, 2012 Latest News

Celebrities find Malibu especially attractive not only for its natural beauty but because Malibu exclusive communities offer the privacy , seclusion and security high profile personalities need to re-charge and live.  Three of the most popular areas include Carbon Beach, Malibu Colony, and Broad Beach.

Carbon Beach is a crescent-shaped coastal community that stretches from Carbon …

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Trancas Shopping Center Might Not Re-Open till Summer 2013

by ritasimpson September 15, 2012 Latest News

Delays to be expected at  The Trancas Country Market shopping center, which has been undergoing renovations and expansion for more than a year. May complications have contributed including a possible Trancas lagoon Restoration,  the MTA Bus turn around and more. It looks like it won’t reopen until summer 2013 when the center’s largest tenant, Erewhon …

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Recently Sold Homes In Malibu

by ritasimpson August 29, 2012 Latest News

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What I Love About Malibu

by ritasimpson July 31, 2012 Community Information

I’ve lived in Malibu more than anywhere else in my life. My preference wouldn’t be anything to brag about, except that  I actually lived in many cities before coming here…Los Angeles, Beirut, London, Paris , Sao Paulo, Rio, Boston, New York, San Francisco. This experience helps me feel more confident about my ability to evaluate …

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Marine Protected Areas In Malibu Next to Point Dume and West To Encinal

by ritasimpson July 22, 2012 Community Information

Avoid confusion as to boundaries of MPA in Malibu.  Althought quite difficult to determine from the shore per recent article in the Malibu Surfside News, here are some maps to help visualize.






Pt Dume Area (overview map above) - Malibu’s iconic Pt Dume, a mainstay spot for small boaters since time immemorial, is set for complete closure …

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