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When you are buying a home in Malibu let me guide you through the process. Why hire Rita? Simply, because you can trust I will do the Best job for you! Exceptional business credentials, ability and managerial experience – graduate of MIT and the Sloan School of Management Top Negotiator – Top Producer- Prudential Chairman Circle Gold 2010 top 2% in the nation Intimate knowledge of Malibu- Long time resident, raised family in Malibu. I am a buyer specialist, a real advocate for my clients. I can tell you which are the best buys, which homes are over priced and which homes will result in great resales one day will save you time, effort, money and stress. As your “consultant,” I will never “sell” you. Instead I will familiarize you with the market within each town and educate you so that when decision time comes, you’ll have the knowledge you need to purchase your home. I have been successfully helping families and individuals relocate and KNOW what it takes and I can answer most questions on the spot because I know my area. I don’t just rely on the MLS to find you a house. I rely on my personal and collective experience of my brokerage which has been servicing the area for over 46 years! As your resident expert, I will provide you with my list of reputable, competitive, service companies to ensure a smooth transaction. I will negotiate fully on your behalf and become your advocate throughout the process. My goal is to do such an amazing job for you that you feel compelled to refer your friends and family to Rita Simpson!

Uncovering Potential Toxic Conditions

by ritasimpson January 3, 2013 Buying My Home

Uncovering potential toxic conditions that may affect a home you’re buying.
The Solution: Search Envirofacts (, a free database from the Environmental Protection Agency, searchable by ZIP Code, that contains information about environmental conditions, such as chemicals, radiation, and hazardous waste, that could affect a community. Also visit Scorecard, (, a free service that integrates environmental …

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Why You Might Not Get Best Rates, When Shopping To Finance Your Malibu Home

by ritasimpson September 26, 2012 Buying My Home

When shopping for a mortgage to finance your new home in Malibu keep in mind that one in five consumers are likely to receive a different credit score from what a creditor will use to price a loan, according to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Many consumers incorrectly believe that the scores they purchase are the …

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Loans Come With Conditions Attached

by ritasimpson August 6, 2012 Buying My Home

At the beginning of the year, a rumor was circulating that mortgage lenders were going to ease up on their stringent qualifying requirements, making it easier for buyers to buy and helping the housing market improve.

So far, that rumor has not been confirmed. If anything, the approval process has become more laborious. The home-sale market …

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Price Reduction For Surprise Defects?

by ritasimpson August 6, 2012 Buying My Home

Q: Can I subtract from the offer I’ve made on a home if the home inspection shows there are some big problems, or do I automatically have to cancel the deal altogether?

A: When it comes to inspection revelations, “big” is relative, but, like beauty; it’s in the eye of the beholder. If you think that …

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Buying A Fixer Upper? Here is What You Need To Know.

by ritasimpson August 6, 2012 Buying My Home

You are attracted to a house that is perfectly located but it just came out of foreclosure and needs a lot of work to make it habitable. To swing the deal, you need to finance both the purchase and the required repairs. How do you do that?

Getting the mortgage required to purchase a house is …

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Now Is Best time in Ten Years, To Buy Malibu Real Estate!

by ritasimpson July 17, 2012 Buying My Home

Buyers are confident  and Malibu Real Estate has been moving at a 34% faster rate. With Interest rates are near all-time lows, home prices are starting to creep up. We have seen an average 10% increase in our median in the last six months and  a 148% increase in our sales volume. If you ever …

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Purchase Strategy For Distressed Homes

by ritasimpson May 31, 2012 Buying My Home

Foreclosure sales, which usually sell “as is” and are often in poor condition may create a buying opportunity for some buyers, but it may be a hazard for others. Before you buy your foreclosed property in Malibu review some of the things to look out for:

Purchase opportunity

A purchase opportunity arises because many potential buyers don’t …

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Advice For Buyers

by ritasimpson March 30, 2012 Buying My Home

Time and time again, home-buyer wannabes state that the reason they are still fence-sitting is that they don’t want to end up in the same trouble the last generation of homeowners did.

Well, there’s a very slim chance of that happening, given the changes in the market climate: Homes are at rock-bottom prices (not sky-high), and …

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Who Is Responsible For Defects After Closing?

by ritasimpson March 27, 2012 Buying My Home

Home buyers who buy during the dry season can be in for an unpleasant surprise when the roof leaks or the basement floods after the first rain. Who is responsible for damage caused by water intrusion and for making the necessary repairs to prevent it from happening again?

It’s possible that you are responsible if information …

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How Does Priority Lien Work?

by ritasimpson March 23, 2012 Buying My Home

To explain this as simple as possible, when you buy a home and get a loan for the home, the lender puts a lien on the property. By doing so, the property becomes collateral for the loan. So, in the event the homeowner is unable to make payments, the lender can force the sale of …

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