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by ritasimpson on March 5, 2014

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Malibu beaches are diverse and so are the prices that similar homes may command. Just before the summer hits, I will give you the Best Buys for Malibu Beach homes in each area right now.

Keep in mind, some of the factors that influence the price differences is the physical nature of the site, the other factor,  the social perceived value of an area.

In the  physical realm: Wet versus dry beaches, meaning  whether the beach is mostly under water (these are usually located in the southernmost area of Malibu closer to Santa Monica, like Las Tunas Beach, Big Rock Beach) and are generally more affordable. Semi-wet ones  (where at low tide you get some sand to walk on, in little coves like Las Flores beach or Malibu Cove Colony) prices at these beaches are a little higher  and the dry beaches, a great example of that is Zuma Beach and Escondido and Paradise Cove beach, Point Dume beaches, where in general prices are higher.

For the social value of an area consider the neighbors. Wherever the concentration of residents is mostly entertainment celebrities, or CEOs of companies,  their capacity to pay more for the properties has over time  made certain areas almost exclusively affordable to that group. Like the Malibu Colony, Carbon beach, Bluffs at Point Dume, Paradise Cove Bluffs etc..

Here is my selection of the Best Buys in Malibu Beach Houses on the Market today. And because for each price range there is a Best Buy that is how I will feature them starting from lowest to highest price:

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